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Why the door of my Honda City is not opening with car key remote?

By: Anas Tahir on 23 march 2017

1 Answers:

There may be many reasons that a keyless entry remote might stop working, most of them are pretty easy to check yourself:

• Confirm that the problem lies with the remote by trying to open and lock the door using a backup remote. If this succeeds, then it's a safe bet that the problem is associated with the first key.
• The most common problem with the car key fob is that the battery just go dead over time, so in this case replacing the battery should fix the problem.
• If the buttons on a keyless remote feel wiggly or they don't make their usual click when pressed, they may have detached from the circuit board.
• If the other doors work, the problem could possibly be the door lock solenoid.
• The door lock might be sticking and require a lubricant spray to make the mechanism smooth.

I advise you to take your car to your local Honda service center for proper diagnosis and solution.

Kamal   2017-03-23

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