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I am interested to know, how do I start my Honda City if push start button doesn’t work and how much does it cost to fix it?

By: Natraj on 2017-14-05

1 Answers:

You can start your car even if push start button doesn’t work through hot-wiring - it is a process of bypassing a car’s ignition interlock and thus starting it without the key. It is often utilized during a vehicle theft. However, a legitimate vehicle owner who has lost their vehicle key may also implement this process. The specific method of hot-wiring a vehicle is dependent on the particular car’s electrical ignition system. Push start button access the same wires as conventional ignition methods.

Cost of repairing keyless start button depends on the repair it requires, in my opinion if only some part needs to be replaced it may be only Rs. 500 – 2000, and if entire system needs to be replaced cost may be around Rs. 8,000 – 10,000. For precise repair cost please contact your local Honda dealer.

Hitesh    2017-14-05

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