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What is the boot space of Honda CR-V?

By: Yaalchelvan on 24 july 2014

6 Answers:

Being a SUV, it has flexible boot space. A moderate luggage space of 490L is always available. This is good enough space to accomodate any luggage for a long tour.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-07-24

The Honda CR-V is pioneer on boot space. It has total luggage area of 589 liters, and once the rear seats are folded which is a very easy task and involves just pulling out an easy grip handle, the boot space goes to 1669 liters. That is enormous amount of boot space for a SUV. Easy a couple can spend his night inside if they get stuck somewhere and there is no hotel nearby. Better to keep a small bedding unit in the rear boot, might be helpful.

Amrish   2015-06-22

I am completely agree, two peoples can sleep inside the rear boot space once folded. If you are planning to move around a country through your Honda CR-V, then fold your back seat store your car with plenty of everything along with that roam around and do lot of shopping and keep them in your car. Again do some more shopping’s they will be accommodated inside as well. Honda cr-V will never leave you low on space.

Param   2015-06-23

Yes I recommend this vehicle to the people who have to carry a lot of stuffs with them in car. This vehicle is a complete home from back. You can sleep easily inside it without folding your legs. Any amount of goods that can be carried with any other SUV will be less than what Honda CRV could carry. It has 1648 liters of boot space; let me correct my friend who has written it as 1669 liters.

Manesh   2015-06-24

I am agree but there is an issue with this space, The front seats becomes stagnant once rear has been folded, so you cannot move that the way what it should move when rear sheet is not folded. So one can either carry goods or seat comfortably. Both of the features can’t be available at the same time. Even without folding the rear seats there is plenty of space inside as it has 589 liters boot space which is bigger than what the normal vehicles used to have.

Rasheed   2015-06-25

Honda CR-V is very specious in terms of boot space which can easily be expanded by folding its rear seats. It has a flexible boot space. When the rear seats are not folded, we get the boot space of 589 liters and when these rear seats are folded, a boot space of 1648 liter is available to keep anything. Honda CR-V is a small crossover SUV which can be used to load heavy luggage, if any requirements exists or it can be used for a long family trip with heavy baggage and suitcases.

Prathimesh   2015-06-29

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