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Is Honda CRV available in diesel as well as petrol?

By: Prasad on 5 august 2015

5 Answers:

The CRV is available with petrol engine options only. There are two engines on offer - 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre. 

Dinesh   2015-08-11

The Honda CR-V is only available in Petrol version; there are no diesel engines available for the same. Bit it would be nice if Honda will come sometime in future with a diesel engine in may be their next upgrade. The SUV segment is known for Diesel engine cars which gives the vehicle owners a good deal on the fuel as biger vehicle needs bigger engine and high fuel consumption.

Utkarsh   2015-08-20

I am agreeing with the same, The Honda CR-V is only available in Petrol versions; there are no diesel version variants of the CR-V. The three of the variants of Honda being available in India are Honda CR-V 2.4L AT AVN, Honda CR-V 2L AT and one Honda CR-V 2L MT. All of these three models are in Petrol only but Indian customers get a better deal on Diesel engines and this is one of the reasons why diesel cars are more popular.

Rishank   2015-08-22

I am agreeing with the same, the price of diesel engines is more than petrol engines. In case of Honda CR-V, it has only petrol version available. In to all the three models it has. As said by my friend above Diesel engine would be a good option on Honda CR-V, as there is a big price difference between Diesel and Petrol prices in India. So if Honda will come up with a diesel engine that would be great.

Savvy   2015-08-24

I am not agreeing with the same, he reason why Honda is installed with petrol engines only is the efficiency demand. The Honda CR-V is installed with just a 2.4 L and 2.0 L engine and whereas others brand SUV’s are offering a quite bigger and performing engines. So if CR-V wants to have a diesel heart then it must have to upgrade the engine of its low end CR-V for sure.

Manoj   2015-08-26

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