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Honda WR-V Parking Camera

Honda WR-V

The Honda WR-V Parking Camera feature is available in Edge Plus Edition Diesel, Edge Plus Edition Petrol, Exclusive Edition Diesel

Parking assist systems have become a common feature in car models these days. Usually, the high-end variants come with this feature. There are two types of parking assist systems: one that use sensors to detect nearby objects up to a particular distance and give a beeping sound when the car approaches something within that particular distance, and the other that come with an LCD screen that displays the surroundings while you reverse your car. Some cars have this LCD screen fitted into the inside rear view mirror and some have this display on the touch screen infotainment system. The main difference between both types of rear parking assist systems is that the one with sensors does not display the surrounding parking space anywhere, which the other one does and this difference makes the latter much convenient to use.

Honda WR-V is a stylish compact SUV with a lot of advanced technology features. When the competitor cars are being offered with sufficient parking aids, reverse parking sensors have been given a miss in this model. However, the car comes with a reverse parking camera, which is a much-needed feature in this car due to the restricted rear view for the driver. The infotainment screen doubles up to display the rear view taken from the reverse parking camera.


Honda WR-V Variants with Parking Camera

The variants of Honda WR-V that offer parking camera as standard include Edge Plus Edition Diesel, Edge Plus Edition Petrol, Exclusive Edition Diesel, Exclusive Edition Petrol, S Diesel, S Petrol, V Diesel, VX Diesel, VX Petrol.

  • Variant
  • Parking Camera
  • Edge Plus Edition Diesel
  • Yes
  • Edge Plus Edition Petrol
  • Yes
  • Exclusive Edition Diesel
  • Yes
  • Exclusive Edition Petrol
  • Yes
  • S Diesel
  • Yes
  • S Petrol
  • Yes
  • V Diesel
  • Yes
  • VX Diesel
  • Yes
  • VX Petrol
  • Yes

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