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Is there a cost difference between metallic and white colours of Creta

By: vinod kumar on 25 october 2015

6 Answers:

Generally there is a difference between metallic and white colours. The difference would be very nominal though.

Manek   2015-10-25

Lol, I don’t know if this guy is totally crazy or what. Obviously there is no difference on the colors of the car. Are you out of your mind man? Obviously there is no freaking difference of a single rupee due to the color of the car. I pity this man.

Manjeet   2015-10-28

Please don’t pay attention to other comments young man there is certainly a small amount of difference when it comes to buying a colored car than a white car. If your budget is very tight you can go for a white car which will be a little cheaper than the colored.

Sahil Sharma   2015-10-29

What?? Are you racist or something bro? What kind of generation am I living in that the racism extends even to machines? What do you think that the black car should cost less than the white one? Are you out of your mind? Please be careful when you make such comments out in public.

Suresh Singh   2015-10-30

Yes. The metallic paint costs a little more than the white colour of the car. I do not have the exact idea but you can find the necessary details on any Hyundai showroom. I suggest you get out and find it for yourself rather than being with such low class people online.

Vipin   2015-10-31

I am an official Hyundai salesman and I can assure you that there can be a little difference on the color you chose from the range of color than the actual color because the manufacturing of a colored car takes paint which cost a little more than the white polish of the car.

Rajvinder Kumar   2015-11-02

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