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Questions about Creta SX plus. Will the cars door auto lock above a particular speed? How do I choose a folder for music when it's being played from USB. Why doesn't the power windows have a light. The manual doesn't match the features of the car. The boot also makes noise, could there be some problem.

By: Nitesh Makhija on 20 november 2015

1 Answers:

I would suggest you to contact dealer if features are only missing in your car and they are present in other variants. It is very unlikely though. The doors will not auto lock above certain speed. Speed sensing auto door lock is available in SX+ (O) only. I think the player automatically picks the folder named "Music" and plays the songs from that, it may not be possible to choose this. Take the car for test ride with service advisor and check if what he says about the unusual noise that you have experienced. I am sure that customer care centre would be more than happy to assist you. 

Kejal   2015-11-20

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