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Which out of Hyundai Creta diesel and Hyundai Creta petrol is better in terms of performance, features and value for money?

By: Sushil on 21 may 2016

1 Answers:

Choosing between a petrol and diesel variant is a very tough call especially nowadays when diesel engines are as refined as petrol. This choice depends on a lot of features including the distance that you have to drive. If your daily driving is more 50 kms and monthly driving is more than 1500 kms approximately then one must go in for the diesel variant because it will give you a more value for your money. However, if your driving is less than this then there isn’t any point in spending more for a diesel variant.

Now coming to the features of the Hyundai Creta petrol and diesel; the petrol variant is powered by the VTVT 1.6litre engine that delivers 193PS and the torque produced is 151Nm. The diesel engine is a 1.6litre powertrain that delivers 128PS and 260Nm with manual transmission. The diesel engine is more torque-y whereas the petrol Creta is lighter. If you like to drive around and push your car a little then the diesel 1.6 manual variant is quite a lot of fun. The mileage of the petrol car is around 15.29kmpl which comes up to around 12kmpl in regular driving whereas the diesel 1.6 variant delivers 19.67kml which should translate to around 17kmpl. There is also a 1.4CDRi engine that delivers 21.4kmpl and a torque of 219.7Nm whereas the power output is 89.9PS.

However, the maintenance of diesel is slightly more than petrol because you have to be more regular with the servicing in a diesel engine. Both the vehicles are good enough but my personal choice will be the diesel variant because a diesel car feels more powerful and has a much stronger driving feel.  

Shayan   2016-05-21

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