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I bought a Hyundai Creta two weeks back and its infotainment system froze. I have been trying to get it to respond but have had no luck so far. What can be the problem?

By: Gaurav on 17 july 2016

1 Answers:

The reason as to why the infotainment screen hung cannot be identified without physically seeing the system. There can be multiple reasons such as a virus which is caused due to a corrupted USB drive or by a Bluetooth device. It can also be caused due to a loose wire or because too many commands were given to the system at one go.
You should try to reset the screen once and if that doesn’t work, it is advisable that you take the car to your dealer. Since the car is in the warranty period, if there is a software issue or something, it can be mended easily and quickly by the dealer. Also, do remember to not take the vehicle to an after sale market right away because a wire damage or any such changes made by an unauthorised mechanic can void the warranty of the system. 

Boby Kashyap   2016-07-17

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