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The price difference between a petrol and diesel Creta is nearly 2lakhs. Should I pick Hyundai Creta AT petrol or diesel? My driving is close to 700kms a month within the city.

By: Vishal Gaind on 19 july 2016

1 Answers:

When choosing between a petrol variant and diesel variant, one needs to keep in mind the number of kms that are covered every month. In your case, you are covering only 600 to 700 kms a month which means your daily travelling is of just over 20kms. In this situation, you should definitely go in for the Petrol version. The diesel version is recommended only if the monthly travelling is above 1500kms because it is only at such a high figure that the high initial cost can be recovered. Thus, in my opinion there is no need for you to go in for the higher price variant of this vehicle and pay that extra amount of Rs. 2 lakhs because the diesel car will ask for more service and is more expensive while your saving in terms of fuel will hardly make a difference whereas the petrol car will cost you lesser and also will be cheaper to maintain and since the distance travelled isn’t much therefore the overall fuel costs won’t have a very major affect.

Sanjay Maan   2016-07-19

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