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Which car should I buy between Hyundai Elite i20 and Ford EcoSport? I don’t have a budget issue but I want a diesel car. My monthly usage is around 1,000kms. Please share which one is more efficient out of the two.

By: Raju on 6 august 2016

1 Answers:

Your monthly usage is pretty less at around 1000 kilometres. Generally if a person has a running of more than 1500 kilometres a month, only then a diesel engine is recommended.
When considering Hyundai Elite i20 and Ford Ecosport, the mileage difference is not a lot as both are touching the 22.5 kmpl mark. The main difference between these two vehicles is that, that Hyunda i20 belongs to the hatchback segment and Ecosport lies in the compact SUV segment. When it comes to power, Ecosport is far ahead due to its bigger and powerful engine which produces 99bhp at 3750 rpm compared to 89 bhp at 4000 rpm produced by Hyundai.
The price difference between the two vehicles when comparing similar variants is Rs 1 lakh on an average and on top of that the spare parts of the Ford Ecosport cost higher than that of the Hyundai i20. The front bumper of Hyundai i20 costs Rs. 1,750 approximately whereas the bumper of Ford Ecosport costs Rs. 3,050. The rear bumper of Hyundai costs Rs. 2,400 and that on the Ford costs Rs. 2,200. The service costs of both these vehicles are almost similar as both have diesel engines and 6 year maintenance costs would be around Rs. 25,000 without including labour charges.

Rakshu   2016-08-06

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