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Why is Hyundai Creta is delivering less mileage than what it claims. Moreover, how can I check the mileage indication in the instrument cluster?

By: Chanchal Singh on 2018-08-12

1 Answers:

As far as checking the mileage of the Hyundai Creta is concerned then, there will be a trip meter located at the right side of the steering wheel which needs to be pressed to check the desired mileage of the vehicle in the speedometer. When it comes to mileage then there are a few things which are important and to be kept in mind. After the 3rd service of the car, it starts to give the appropriate mileage and if that's, not the issue then the driving conditions cater to the problems. If you spend too much time in traffic congestion, drive very fast, driving on rough roads caters to the problem too. Keep in kind that you need to drive your car in a consistent RPM's like 2000 to 3000 (neither below nor above this), keep tyres inflated on regular periods, don't fill fuel up to the brim (leave some space) and getting your car serviced at recommended time schedules.

Shubham Sharma    2018-08-12

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