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Which is better among Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla Altis

By: Kalpesh on 5 november 2014

3 Answers:

Both are well proven performance sedans with reputation of advanced technology cars. Especially that of usage of CVT and paddle shift technology for varying gear ratios. Both are available in petrol and diesel engine versions. Hyundai Elantra diesel features 1.6L engine delivering power of 128PS ad compared to 89PS of Corolla Altis. However in petrol version there is tougher competition among the two. Hyundai Elantra has slight edge over Corola Altis in terms of styling and appeal. To select one Hyundai Elantra would be better option for its better styling, availability of luxury features, power of engine in diesel version which is most preferred option these days.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-05

The facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis and Hyundai Elantra 2015 are relatively new entrant in the war of new sedans currently available in Indian market. The Altis is though bigger in length than Elantra the wheelbase of both cars is same. Further, both have the same width, resulting in same inside space. Altis is lighter in weight than Elantra. Both Altis and Elantra are equally loaded with modern features regarding comfort and safety. On the engine front, petrol variants are quite similar whereas the diesel variants of Elantra are more powerful and produce more torque than Corolla's. As both cars give good value for money and are equal on maximum fronts, the final choice remains with the buyer to decide which he wants to go for.

Omi   2014-12-03

Both, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla Altis are very good car and they are performing very well since its first launch. It completely depends on your requirements, if you are looking for high performance, power, pick up and acceleration then you must go for Hyundai Elantra. In terms of appearance and style also Hyundai Elantra is better option. But if you are looking for a tough car with long engine life and low maintenance you can go for Toyota Corolla Altis.

manish   2015-06-24

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