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How is the resale value of Hyundai Elantra?

By: Gumaan on 30 may 2014

9 Answers:

Hyundai cars have high reputation of quality of performance and long term reliability. The brand value itself would get you good resale value. As such you can expect a very good resale value for the Elantra too. Only limitation of Elantra is the name itself. As the earlier version ie Elantra was a failure, attaching the same name tag to new car would get it lesser reputation particularly in used car segment. However as it is very well advanced vehicle with superb styling , you are bound to get a very good resale value too. Considering th eonroad price of around 13 to 16Lakhs, you can expect a good value of around 10Lakh after few years of usage of the same.

Sonal Gupta   2014-05-30

Hyundai Elantra is the well known upgraded sedan in Indian market and this car has also got many awards which makes this car more famous which indirectly results in more attention when someone planning to go for enter level premium sedans. Hyundai Elantra is build with long reliability character which means this car can easily run for decade (i.e. 10 years) without much problem. Now if you are looking to sell you car then without any doubt you will receive good amount of re sale value and easy buyers for this car.

Pinky   2014-07-23

Hyundai cars are known to provide a remarkable performance for many years, if the car is maintained properly. It is high end sedan with many features and very sporty design. Elantra is also a well-known product of this company which can fetch a good amount in used car segment. As mentioned by Sonal, earlier version of Elantra was not a success to the company which makes it a little messy task to sell it but new Elantra has won many awards which has increased its popularity among people.

Sagar   2015-02-11

I have seen some models of elantra getting sold from mere 200000 rupees, and maximum up to 10 Lakhs rupees, so if you are dealing over the elantra then this is going to be a good buy. The elantra is an award winning vehicle, and it has won many awards in terms of its design, durability and features. So if you are buying an elantra from 14 t0 15 Lakhs of rupees then you can expect an up to 10 Lakhs rupees after 2-3 years of us.

Aaditya   2015-04-09

I am agreeing too, the elantra is having a good resale value due to its performance and features. So one can expect a good value out of the car. Elantra has been in existence for almost more than 10 years now and it has been a glorious past with its award winning quality and performance. The price of the vehicle is totally dependent on the success of a particular model.

Wasim   2015-05-06

I am agreeing with the above statement, the Hyundai Elantra is a great model from Hyundai but the previous version of the Hyundai verna is a flop totally, the reason why I am mentioning this is due to the failure of a model the resale value of a vehicle suffers a lot. Simply people will become reluctant in showing interest in the car. So it is quite possible that you will get a lesser quote of your car.

Shakti   2015-05-28

I am agree too, the value of a car depends on the success of the model because nobody would be looking for buying a second hand unsuccessful car, as even if we ignore all the reasons for which the model went to failure section, still a failure will be having less units in the market and same way the service and spare parts availability will suffer. So nobody will be willing to buy such a car.

Mr. Aahwaanith   2015-06-11

I am not fully convinced with the answers along with the failure or success, another major dependent variable of second hand car’s resale value is its age and condition. The resale value will be higher if your car is in good condition, at the same time resale value will suffer if the condition of your car is bad. Yes I agree, that success and failure of a model is also a big factor but along with that the condition also having the same impact on resale value. So Elantra might be able to very less number of customers to itself even after having a great design and features.

Eashar   2015-06-24

The resale value of Hyundai Elantra is pretty good. You can find well conditioned models of the older Elantra still available with a price tag near 6 lacs. However the new model can fetch far more than that. The top model of this Elantra with diesel automatic in a good condition can get you around 12 lacs, which is a very good amount considering the used car market of today. And the credit for this goes to reliability and low maintenance of Hyundai

Nihal   2015-07-02

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