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How speedy and quick is the Hyundai Eon?

By: Deepak on 4 february 2015

7 Answers:

Hyundai Eon features two engine options, a 0.8L and a 1L version both running on petrol and mated to 5-speed transmission. The 800cc engine is capable of top speeds in the range of 125kmph and can take 21.1 seconds to reach the 100kmph mark. The one with the bigger engine is slightly faster as it can cross the 100kmph mark in just 19 seconds and also goes to a top speed of 135kmph which is quite decent for its segment.

Jaswant   2015-02-04

Hyundai Eon comes in two engine options – one 0.8 litre consisting of 3 cylinders 9 valves and displacing 814cc while the other is a 1.0 litre Kappa powertrain displacing 998cc. The former can reach a top speed of 130 Kmph and break the 100 Kmph barrier in 21.1 seconds. The latter engine is able to generate a top speed of 135 Kmph and reach the 100 Kmph mark in 19 seconds. 

Bikram   2015-02-26

This compact hatchback is quite powerful in its segment. Riding on two engine options (0.8 litre and 1.0 litre), the first one delivers a displacement of 814cc and touches a top speed in the range of 125 – 130 Kmph. The second one delivers a displacement of 998cc and touches a top speed of 135 Kmph and accelerates to 100 Kmph in 19 seconds. The first one accelerates in 21.1 seconds. 

Shareen   2015-06-14

The 0.8-liter motor based trims are furnished with a five speed manual rigging box. It has the ability to zoom from 0 to 100 Kmph in 21.1 seconds. Additionally, it can achieve a greatest speed of 125 to 130 Kmph. The 1.0-liter engine variations can touch the 100 Kmph check in pretty much 19 seconds, while they can achieve a greatest speed of 130 to 135 Kmph. This factory is combined with five pace manual transmission rigging box also.

Alank   2015-06-20

There are 2 engines in the Hyundai Eon,a 0.8 and 1 L version. The car has a 5 speed transmission, and it takes 21.1 seconds to reach 100 km speed, in the case of the smaller engine, and for the bigger engine it is just 19 seconds.

Harshit   2015-08-24

The 0.8 L engine of Hyundai Eon has 3 cylinders and 9 valves. It has a displacing of 814 cc, and the 1.0 L kappa has the displacing of 998 cc. The former can reach 100 km in 21.1 seconds and the maximum speed is 130 km ph. In case of the latter, it takes 19 seconds to reach 100 km speed, and the maxium speed is 135 kmph.

Bobby   2015-08-26

The 0.8 engine has a 5 speed manual transmission gear box, and it reaches 100 km in just 21.1 seconds. The bigger engine reaches 100 Km in 19 seconds. Both the versions are all controllable even at the highest speed.

Saket   2015-08-28

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