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What are the differencees between D Lite and D Lite Plus models of Hyundai Eon?

By: Sumer on 4 may 2015

5 Answers:

The D Lite is the base model of the Hyundai Eon while the D Lite Plus is the next one. There is a difference of ?30,000 in both the versions which is due to the D Lite Plus version sports an air conditioner & heating system. It has power steering which is a great relief while driving in heavy traffic. Also the D Lite Plus version has radial tyres. However the D Lite can produce a tad bit higher mileage.

Varun   2015-05-04

Hyundai D lite is the base model that comes with a price tag of 3.2 lacs and has just the basic features applicable for a entry-level hatchback. Hyundai D Lite doesnt have air conditioner, power steering while D Lite Plus has Overall, looking at the features Dlite plus is surely a better choice with just a price difference of 30,000 INR.

Ragini   2015-06-18

The difference between Hyundai Eon D-lite and D-lite is not much. The Eon d-lite plus comes with standard air conditioning and power steering which makes driving a lot comfortable and easier. However, Eon D-lite will offer a standard mileage but in Eon D-lite plus mileage may vary because of the air conditioning. When the air conditioning is on, the car attends to give less mileage than the claimed mileage by the company

Ushan   2015-06-20

Hyundai Eon D-lite and D-lite plus are the basic variant of Eon. The Eon D-lite plus has better features than Eon D-lite. There no cosmetic and dynamic difference between the two variants. Some additional features like air conditioning, power steering and radial tubeless tyres makes Eon D-lite plus little bit distinctive than Eon D-lite. Feature like air conditioning is very important in places where the climate is of extreme type.

Abhichandra   2015-07-03

Hyundai Eon D-lite and D-lite plus are the entry level cars from Hyundai. Both the cars have the same engine layout. The cabin is similar and the exterior design is exactly the same. Eon D-lite plus comes with additional comfort feature like air conditioning, heater, power steering, cup holders and rear armrest. These features are necessary for all kinds of driver and passenger. The tyre of Eon D-lite plus is radial.

Advay   2015-07-17

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