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I wish to buy a Hyundai Eon. Should I get a new model of the Eon that is available with an 800cc engine or a second hand Hyundai Eon Sportz which has a 1litre engine? Is there a problem with the 1litre Eon?

By: Ketan on 21 may 2016

1 Answers:

The decision of buying a second hand car or a new car is always one’s personal choice. In my opinion, you should always go in for a new car. However, if you wish to get a second hand car then you should get it checked and verified from a known source or an authorized dealer only. In general terms, there are no issues with the 1.0litre Kappa engine Eon and it runs smoothly, although in a second hand car you will have to get the surety from a trustworthy source.

The Hyundai Eon 1litre is more powerful and vibrations are lower with an overall refinement more than that of the Hyundai Eon 800cc. The Hyundai Eon 800cc offers 56PS at 5500rpm whereas the maximum torque produced by it is 7.6kgm at 4000rpm. The 1litre Hyundai Eon delivers 69PS at 6200rpm whereas the torque produced is 9.6kgm at 3500rpm.  

Amit   2016-05-21

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