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Can I replace the 800cc engine of my Hundai Eon with 1000cc engine?

By: NARAYAN on 2017-24-06

1 Answers:

Yes, technically it is possible to replace the engine of a car with a more powerful engine, but it would be a complex and expensive task and the long-term reliability of such modification is questionable. And most importantly you will void your car warranty. I do not recommend making extensive changes to the integral parts of the car, like the engine.

There are many things need to be considered before going for such modification like: No matter which engine and transmission you choose, it's got to be held in place by some sort of brackets and mounts, most of which likely won't have anything to do with the ones you've already got. A car's original axles or driveshaft will rarely fit with different engine. Getting the accelerator and clutch pedals to communicate with the new engine and gearbox is also complex. A lot of times, A/C and power steering simply aren't compatible with different engine. You might also need to modify the fuel system and electric wiring. Installing more powerful engine also affect the handling and braking system of a car since, in most cases, the replaced engine tends to be heavier than the existing one hence affects the amount of weight on the axles.

In my opinion selling your 800cc engine Eon off and buying one with 1000cc engine would be cheaper and more reliable alternative.

Jitender    2017-24-06

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