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How good is the suspension of Hyundai Grand i10 ?

By: Nishant on 20 january 2015

3 Answers:

Hyundai Grand i10 comes with efficient suspension which includes MacPherson Strut which is used in front wheel and further it is coupled with Torsion Beam Axle fixed to rear wheels. This suspension system comes with different kind of attachments like mountings and arms as these all combined to form an efficient suspension system. To make Hyundai Grand i10 ride experience more comfortable, engineers form Hyundai installed well cushioned seats which indirectly becomes the part of suspension system and further helps in absorbing shocks. This kind of suspension system configuration also helps in increasing ground clearance and no doubt high ground clearance reduces chances of car chassis to hit the road which leads to safety from damage. Overall the suspension of this car are perfect to tackle day to day driving conditions and so far the Hyundai have proved themselves well in real life situation as well. Obviously this car can not beat any SUVs because it belongs to a completely different genre.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-20

Different kind of small assemblies are fitted with Macpherson Strut which is used in front wheel and further it is coupled with Torsion Beam Axle fixed to rear wheels for completing the suspension system of Hyundai Grand i10. This type of suspension system configuration is selected after well testing on road and without any doubt this configuration has proved itself by providing smooth ride even when car hits the bumpy road. Hyundai Grand i10 suspension system also provides good ground clearance which is good for travelling on uneven roads.

Archana   2015-02-06

Suspensions are very important for any car. It allows the car to travel smoothly over any bumps or pot holes without inconveniencing the riders. The Hyundai i10 Grand is blessed a good suspension system, its front axle is assembled with a McPherson strut, while the rear is fitted with a coupled torsion beam axle type of mechanism. The good suspension system improves the riding quality of this car.

manant   2015-05-21

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