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How is the exteriors of this car?

By: Naresh on 5 february 2015

8 Answers:

From the date of launch of Grand i10, it has got tremandous resposes from the customer all across the country.Its impressive bold design is the main attraction. Its made even more attractive by using chrome grille, neatly housed headlamps, and tail lamp assembly. Outside rear view mirrors ornamented with LED turn indicators,enhances both looks and safety by providing clear indications to the following vehicles or opposite comming vehicles. This is a important feature especially while taking turs.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-05

Hyundai Grand i10 is the avatar of famous Hyundai i10 and no doubt the looks are completely new and updated. Hyundai Grand i10 is blessed with totally new designed front and rear bumper with decent head light and tail light design. Hyundai engineers have intelligently used side door claddings as this cladding not looks odd on side profile. The window pillars looks decent as they falls on the back side and front hood. Overall Hyundai Grand i10 is the next level of design series from Hyundai.

Shissir   2015-03-08

The Grand i10 was an instant success from the day of its launch. Getting tremendous responses from customers all across the country for its bold and smart design, the Grand i10 has been garnering mostly positive reviews. The new bold design is aimed at giving the already attractive car a more no nonsense look. The car feels stocky and is a lot more spacious than the previous iteration. A great makeover indeed!

Taksa   2015-05-15

The new redesigned Grand i10 has made some essential cosmetic changes to the car, giving it more of a simplistic look and bulking up the cabin space. The car has got some essential redesigning including a neat chrome grille, neatly housed lamps, and the new tail lamp assembly. Apart from the cosmetic touches, the car has got a revamped cabin space, which feels luxurious to an extent. The seats seem more comfortable owing to the breathable leg room.

Alok   2015-06-30

The Grand i10 has got some crucial changes in its new iteration. It’s a more bulky version of the Hyundai i10. The Grand i10 is blessed with totally new designed front and rear bumpers with an attractive head light and tail lamps. Apart from these essential cosmetic changes, the car now has more breathable cabin space giving driver extra leg room, making it easier for them to handle the vehicle.

Mareechi   2015-06-25

The Hyundai Grand i10 is the all new avatar of the much popular Hyundai i10. But the changes have been done so copiously that the car looks completely new and updated. The cosmetic changes include, changes to the headlamps and tail lamps, giving it more of a simplistic look. The outside rear view mirrors are now ornamented with LED turn indicators. This is a major add on, not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of safety feature. 

Mehal   2015-06-19

The Grand i10 is an essential update to the crowd pleaser i10 for people who wanted some breathable cabin space in their car. The cosmetic changes in the car not only give it a more bulky look but it is also evident inside the cabin as the cabin has now more breathable space than ever. The head lamps and tail lamps are revamped and now look more smart and bold. 

Ikdaar   2015-08-13

The all-new Grand i10 follows Hyundai’s fluidic design philosophy. The front of the car is dominated by a standard hexagonal grille and well sculpted headlamps that resemble the design of the i20. The fog lamps are big with bold black surrounds adding more aggression to the fascia. The Hyundai Grand i10 resembles the current i10 from the side, but it is noticeably wider, longer and taller than the current model. This car has side moldings – but these are not standard puny strips, but shapely wide black belts that add character to the car along with roof rails.

Deewan   2015-08-21

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