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AC of my grand i10 doesn’t cool cabin effectively, what should I do?

By: Ranjith on 15 january 2017

1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons for ineffective car AC functioning like:

• The air filter might be clogged.
• The condenser coils may be dirty.
• Levels of the coolent might be insufficient.
• Compressor might be defective.
• Thermostat might be defective.
• High atmospheric temperature.
• Other possible reasons might be: faulty run capacitor of the compressor, faulty motor, bad thermistor, defective control board, choked capillary etc.

If above all things are ok, you should consider some other things to ensure effective air-conditioning like:

• Don’t immediately switch-on AC when you start driving, first roll down all the windows and switch on only the blower. Switch-on AC after 2-3 minutes and roll-up the car windows. Now switch the AC to recirculation mode – it will cool faster as it recirculates interior air, instead of having to cool fresh air from outside.

• Park in a shady location when possible. Sunlight can heat up the inside of your car to temperatures as high 80-85 degree Celsius, which forces the air conditioner to operate longer and draw more energy as it cools.

• Use heat reflective windshield glass and lightly tinted film on your car's windows to reduce the solar heat gain on the glass and to minimize the heat transmission to the car's interior

• Turn off the AC shortly before arriving at your destination but leave the fan operating. The air conditioner will continue to blow cool air for several seconds without utilizing the compressor, resulting in greater energy efficiency.

Kamal   2017-01-15

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