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How do I calculate the mileage of my Grand i10?

By: swapnil mali on 2018-07-02

1 Answers:

It’s simple, When the fuel tank is almost empty, record the number of kilometers on the odometer before filling up your fuel tank and also record the quantity of fuel you bought in liters. When the next time you need to fill up your fuel tank (when the fuel tank is almost empty), subtract the previous recorded kilometers figures from current kilometers figures to find the distance covered by your car since last petrol filling, then divide the balance figure with the quantity of fuel you had bought in liters, the result will be your car’s mileage.

For example: If the number of kilometers on your car before filling up fuel tank is 30,000 kms and you bought 20 liters of fuel, and if the next time when you need to fill up fuel tank again the odometer reading is 30,400, then the mileage your car delivering is (30,400 – 30,000) / 20 = 20 kmpl.

Though, you can perform this calculation no matter how much fuel is left in the tank, but the more fuel you use the more accurate your reading will be.

Shirin Yadav    2018-07-02

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