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Which one to choose between Hyundai i10 and Maruti A-star?

By: Alokik on 7 october 2014

4 Answers:

Both these cars are from trusted auto makers in the hatchback segment. Maruti on one hand understands the public demand well whereas the Korean giant can produce demands by bringing in new standards. I10 is powered by a 1086cc engine which produces 68bhp of power and 100Nm torque whereas the A-star comes with the good old maruti 998cc engine and gives up slightly less specs than the former. Talking of comforts and space the i10 has the upper hand. A-star certainly lacks in boot space and height and also the front look might not get along with everyone’s taste

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-07

Hyundai and Maruti both are trusted brand in automobiles. Maruti has a wide network and it understands what a person want in his/her car. On the other hand, Korean car manufacturer Hyundai produces their cars with a high standard and features. Although Maruti A-star gives a good mileage than Hyundai i10 but it fails in looks and space. Also, Maruti A-star is now a discontinued car model. I also agree with Sonal and will suggest you to go for Hyundai i10 as it will give you a better satisfaction.

Farman   2014-10-10

Both the cars are brilliant when it comes to performance and ride quality. According to me Hyundai i10 has slightly better value for money than Maruti A-star. The price range of both the cars are same. But to be precise hyundai i10 is little bit cheaper. What makes i10 ahead in line is good cabin space, quality interiors, ease of handling and efficient brakes. The dynamics of Maruti A-star is better than Hyundai but that hardly makes any difference.

Temarm   2015-04-17

According to me both the cars have good value for money. I would buy A-star over i10 because it has good dynamics. The engine of A-star is more powerful than Hyundai’s i10. On highways at high speeds A-star is more stable and offers good handling whereas i10 lacks grunt. Moreover, A-star has better ground clearance. The maintenance cost of A-star is lower and A-star looks a lot more mature than its rival, the Hyundai i10. 

Dainik   2015-06-26

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