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How to maintain Hyundai i10 for long term usage?

By: Dudraksh on 14 october 2014

7 Answers:

 Cars like i10 are the product of a lot of research and resources. They are made to last long. Under the normal driving conditions this car can serve you an eternity. If you are living in coastal areas or hilly areas the climate can affect the parts of the car and can corrode them. For this non corrosive coating can be done. Apart from this even the regular servicing of engine clutch gear will provide a smooth tension free run.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-14

Hyundai i10 is very easy to maintain and promises to be one’s companioning for a number of years if proper care is taken to keep the car in good condition. Regular service from an authorised service station will keep the car in best shape. Driving gently, watching for engine warning signs, unloading extra weight, regular change of oils and other vital fluids will ensure that the car lasts longer.

Jishan   2014-11-08

Some of these are basic tips which get your car work a long time. One of them is, getting brakes checked. The most important feature is to get you brakes checked regularly for any nicks and cuts and get it fixed before the damage get all catastrophic and your car fails to work.

Sumit Khukreja   2015-11-24

Engine oil!!! The lubrication of all moving parts is very important, hence the use of a good engine oil is must before getting the car to work. The car requires very less amount of engine oil at a time but it needs to be replaced every once in a while to have a good car.

Manish Gautam   2015-11-26

The engine check up and recharge should be done once in a while for the car as during long drives the battery might not get enough time to charge and hence it can be damaged if over used. I would always prefer to get a engine check up once a while.

Rajeev Manchandani   2015-11-27

The i10 requires very less maintenance and has very less issues often but it is always good to have a check up done once a while and hence get the entire car inspected by the expert technician for any damages of faults after every ling drive. Other than that enjoy your car.

Rajeev Saini   2015-11-28

The i10 is a very decent car which does not require much maintenance. I have worked with my i10 for3 years and hardly got it checked 3 times. But still if you want to ensure a healthy vehicle you should ensure that the car is clean at least under the hood.

Mohit Pawar   2015-11-30

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