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How speedy and quick is the Hyundai i10?

By: Nirender on 9 april 2015

7 Answers:

The Hyundai i10 features 1.1L engine fuelled with petrol or LPG. The petrol version is more powerful and quicker when compared to the LPG. It can sprint from a standstill position to 100kmph in just about 14.3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 165kmph, which is best in the segment. The LPG version can manage a top speed in the range of 125 to 130kmph while doing the 100kmph run from zero in between 17 to 18 seconds.

Kuljeet   2015-04-09

Hyundai i10 comes in both petrol and LPG engine options. The petrol one is a 1.1 litre powertrain displacing 1086cc of air and is integrated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox system. This combination is able to generate acceleration from zero to 100 Kmph in 14.3 seconds flat. The top speed garnered by this engine is around 165Kmph.

Vibha   2015-06-04

The performance of LPG fitted Hyundai i10 is very poor. Though, by choosing LPG model you can reduce your running cost but it affects engine performance very badly. If vehicle is in LPG mode, it takes almost 20 seconds to reach 100 kmph speed from standstill. The top speed of LPG powered model is 130 kmph. On the other hand, its petrol variants are much quicker and it can go upto he max speed of 150 kmph.

Manjunath   2015-06-19

I am the proud owner of Hyundai i10 from last three years. I am driving the car from last three years and even today the pick up and acceleration of the car is like a new car. I bought this car after doing lots of research, I had visited so many websites to read users review, took feedback from few Hyundai i10 owners. None of its owner gave me any negative feedback about the car and everyone was quite happy with its performance. The car is very popular in the Indian auto market, and it is doing pretty well even in the used cars market.

Nagpal   2015-06-20

There are 2 engine options available in the Hyundai i10 cars, the cars with the petrol engine and the LPG. The car can reach the 100 km per hour speed limit in just 14.3 seconds, and the top speed in the segment is 165 km per hour.

Veerant   2015-09-17

The Hyundai i10 cars are available in petrol and LPG fuel tank options. The engine of the petrol variant is 1.1 liter powertrain with the displacement of 1086 cc, and the gearbox is the 5 speed manual transmission. The car can reach 100 km per hour speed in 14.3 seconds.

Prashant   2015-09-18

The LPG Hyundai i10 is not up to the mark in the performance, while the petrol variant is great. choosing LPG fuel happens mainly because can cut down the running cost to a great extent. The car takes 20 seconds to reach 100 km per hour speed.

Kartik   2015-09-20

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