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I want to buy i10 Magna during Diwali. How much discount can I expect during that period?

By: anup kumar ghosh on 29 july 2015

5 Answers:

I am afraid, it is not possible to know months in advance that how much discount would be available during the festive season. The level of discount during the festive period do not vary too much. I would suggest you to wait until that time if you wish to buy the car in that period only. However, if you are waiting for the discount, I would suggest you to check with your nearest dealer if there are ongoing offers. There's a section that publishes latest news for discounts.

You can check this from here

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Vaidya   2015-08-10

If you want to buy a Hyundai i10 magna and also looking for some discount in the festival season you must check with the dealer in your area but I am afraid the discounts or the price raise activities are unpredicted generally. What I have seen so far every year in festival seasons and especially at Diwali and Dusshera time all the car companies are offering some kind of discount over their vehicles.

Deepesh   2015-08-21

I am agreeing with the above statement, every year almost all the companies used to have something special in to their bucket as they might want to buy a vehicle at this time. Even companies open their heart for the customers as they want to take advantage of the Indian people’s mentality of linking their happiness and purchases at the time of festivals. But it cannot be said in advance.

Anu   2015-08-22

I have the similar thoughts on the matter of fact that the discounts and offers are going to be declared when the festivals will be approaching. So right now it’s not easy to say that what kind of discounts and offers will be available at that time. So wait for the time being and then look for an offer what Hyundai might be having. They might offer a discount of 20 to 30K off on the overall price or may be extended warranty, insurance or extra accessories for your car.

Vedansh   2015-08-24

Yes I am agreeing with you guys on this, but these offers are just like that. They will give nothing. I have been offered free accessories last time what they have said that it is worth 50K of rupees but it was value less and having bad quality as wee. But let the festival season approach as even if the company I not having any direct offering for you then also may be your local dealer wil give you some kind of discount over there.

Ishaan   2015-08-26

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