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Is it true that the mileage of Hyundai i10 will drop drastically after 2 years of ownership?

By: Raghunath on 6 august 2016

1 Answers:

The claimed mileage of the Hyundai i10 for its petrol variant is 13.13 kmpl during city driving and 19.81 kmpl during highway driving. The same for the LPG variant is 13.4 kmpl in the city and 19.6kmpl on highways.
There is no such sudden decrease in this mileage after two years of running provided that you are getting the vehicle serviced exactly as per the manufacturers manual and getting the necessary oil changes done as per the standards. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the mileage will not change as long as the engine is not damaged in any way which means that you need to keep the vehicle at optimum gear speeds at all times and not unnecessarily drive the vehicle on the higher rpm. Also, the general wear and tear of the engine can be expected but its effects can definitely be minimised with regular servicing and careful driving.
Hyundai engines are known for their performance and for the first five years at least the engine doesn’t ask for a major repair if you’ve kept the car properly. One needs to keep the vehicle in good condition all throughout and the car will continue to offer smooth ride, comfort as well as a good mileage. However, if one does not look after the vehicle, delay the servicing every single time and not get it serviced from someone who knows their job well then you can face issues. 

Rajnish   2016-08-06

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