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My 2015 Hyundai i10 model has written only “i10” on the back while other Hyundai i10 cars has written “Hyundai i10”, is there any difference between both? How do I setup bluetooth in it?

By: Lara on 2 october 2016

1 Answers:

There is no difference between i10 with only “i10” logo and i10 with “Hyundai i10” logo, this is just a part of cosmetic change which companies often do in their cars to give them a different look. Technically there is no difference, both models are same.

It is easy to pair your mobile phone to the Hyundai i10 car., just follow these instructions:

• In Audio, select “Phone” button on right side/Press “Setup” button
• Select Phoneà Select Pair àDevice
• Name “Car name” & pass key “0000” is shown
• Search for “car name” in your mobile & select “car name” to start pairing.
• Enter passkey in mobile if prompted.
• Now you mobile phone should be connected with i10 bluetooth

ajay   2016-10-02

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