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Why does the clutch pedal of my Hyundai i20 sometimes disengage and jam? I have taken my car twice to car workshop but the problem still persists?

By: Venugopala Rao on 2018-14-08

1 Answers:

Here are some commons reasons for clutch not working properly and disengaging and jamming:

• Sometimes a clutch won’t release because of a leaky or worn piston seal in the master clutch cylinder or slave cylinder, or because the hydraulic fluid has leaked out of the system.

• The clutch may not release properly, if the cable is broken or misadjusted. A problem with the pivot fork that operates the release bearing can also cause similar problems.

• Mismatched parts can sometimes cause engagement and release problems. A clutch system includes a clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing, and in order to function well, all of these parts should be sourced from the same supplier as not all aftermarket parts work with your clutch.

And which workshop had you taken your car for repair? Maruti Suzuki or some other For such type of issue, take your car only to authorised Maruti Service center and use only genuine Maruti parts.

Shubham Sharma    2018-14-08

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