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Does the aerodynamic design of a car affect its fuel efficiency? What is the drag coefficient of Hyundai i20 Active?

By: Prithviraj Pawar on 2018-02-09

1 Answers:

Yes, the aerodynamic design of a car definitely affects it fuel efficiency and performance. Car manufacturers always try to keep the aerodynamic drag to the minimum possible, because it has a negative effect on vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Aerodynamic drag is nothing but the friction offered by air to a moving vehicle. The reduction in drag helps to decrease the air resistance on vehicle; hence, it helps to increase the fuel efficiency to some extent.

Hyundai hasn’t specified the drag coefficient of i20 Active, but as per media reports it is somewhere between 0.30 – 0.40.

Shubham Sharma    2018-02-09

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