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Differentiation between central locking with key, remote, keyless entry ?

By: saeed on 10 may 2015

2 Answers:

Hello Saeed..

In some of the cars, central locking is done by manually locking or unlocking the car. If it is fitted with basic version, when the driver opens the door using key, the door locks of all other doors is also opened. In keyless sytem, the remote is having the buttons to lock and unlock all doors. By pressing the button driver can open the door and get inside the car. Closing all doors would automatically lock them. The latest versions of central locking system are easy to use and efficient too.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-01-08

In central locking with the key system, the driver uses the car keys to open or close the door(s). This is a manual system by which when one door gets opened, it results in other doors to get open too. Similarly, when the door is closed by using the key, the rest of the doors also get locked. But in a remote system, the remote button is used to automatically open or close the door(s), as the case may be.

Kanad   2015-01-23

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