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How can I check the mileage of my Elite i20?

By: pradeep on 31 october 2015

1 Answers:

The most accurate way of measuring the mileage is 'one litre fuel' method. Let your car run out of fuel and keep in stock four liters of fuel. One litre in a one litre bottle and the other in a three litre container. Once the car comes to a halt due to lack of fuel, put the one litre fuel in the car. Set your tripmeter to zero as you start off. Once the tank runs out of fuel, check the mileage it delivered, it is the actual mileage. After this, add three liters of reserve fuel to get to the nearest gas station. This is not the best way of checking since there can be an air lock which may not allow the car to start at all, but, it is the most accurate. Alternately, you can do this with half tank method and use the above way to mark distance between full tank and a half tank. 

Veera   2015-10-31

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