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Is the Hyundai Elite i20 high on maintenance costs? Also, is the actual mileage of the car just around 12kmpl to 13kmpl? I wish to buy either the Hyundai Elite i20 or the Renault Kwid. Which one should I consider as I this will be a long term investment and I will not be changing cars too quickly?

By: Harsha Vardhan M on 7 july 2016

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Hyundai Elite i20 is considered to be a little on the higher side when it comes to maintenance but the difference is not much as compared to the others. Of course you cannot compare the car with a Maruti vehicle but the costs aren’t exorbitant or unduly high. If you drive the car well and care for it, it’ll not give you much trouble.
The claimed mileage for Hyundai Elite i20 is around 18.4kmpl and 13.3kmpl in the city for its diesel and petrol variants respectively whereas the former can deliver 22.5kmpl on highways while latter offers 18.6kmpl. This mileage is in ideal conditions which is very difficult to achieve in day to day life. However, this being said, you can expect a mileage of close to 14-15kmpl from the diesel variants whereas somewhere close to 12-13kmpl from the petrol Hyundai i20, barring the fact that you take care of the car properly and drive it carefully. In fact there are a few who manage to achieve 18-19kmpl from a Hyundai Elite i20 as well.
Finally coming to whether you should buy a Kwid or a Hyundai i20; I would like to point out here that both these cars can’t be compared together. Hyundai Elite i20 is a luxurious vehicle whereas the Kwid is an entry level hatchback. The cars offer different features and are present in vastly different price segments. If you want to compare cars with Hyundai Elite i20, then you should consider Maruti Baleno, Volkswagen Polo and the likes. Hyundai Elite i20 is a good car even if you wish to keep it for a longer duration of time. Hyundai service isn’t too bad and their cars do get a decent value for money in the second hand market as well.

Anuradha   2016-07-07

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