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I have been driving a Hyundai Elite i20 for a while and was trying to calculate the average. For the same, I let my fuel bar go empty but then I noticed that the trip A and B in the odometer automatically got reset. Why did this happen? Is it because of the low fuel or due to a technical fault?

By: Ayush Verma on 2 august 2016

1 Answers:

As far as your trip readings are concerned, no such reports have been made till now about the i20. So maybe it is a one off problem that has occurred. You can get it checked at an authorized service station and I am sure that they will gladly help you out. It doesn’t sound like a major problem and is probably due to some loose or damaged wiring or circuit connections.

Also, just to add to it, to calculate the mileage of your vehicle there is no need for you to empty out your fuel bar. At the start get a full tank done and reset the odometer reading of Trip A or B to zero. Then carry on driving as usual. After covering a decent amount of distance, get a full tank done again and divide the odometer trip reading (which was earlier set zero by you) by the amount of litres that have gone into your vehicle the second time and this will give you the exact mileage of your vehicle.

Nasir   2016-08-02

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