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Which is better among Santa Fe and Toyota Fortuner?

By: Alka on 30 october 2014

5 Answers:

Since the launch of Totyota Fortuner,there is huge demand for Fortuner than that for Santa Fe. May be the wide spread service network and theToyota quality image created with Qualis and Innova has made it carry forward for Fortuner. However Santa Fe is also good in performance with advanced technology of engine and accessories and interiro fit and finish. In used car market availability of both Santa Fe and Fortuner is very less as both are still new on road and the ones sold are very reliable and generally are used for quite long term before putting it for sale. To select one among the two, Fortuner still leads for its huge demand and assured best of resale value.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-30

Though both cars are performing very well on Indian roads, but there are few add on with Hyundai Santa Fe. It comes equipped with more number of luxury and comfort features as compared to Toyota Fortuner. Also, Hyundai Santa Fe’s 2.2 Liter diesel engine delivers maximum power of 194 bhp which makes it more powerful as compared to Fortuner’s 3.0 Liter diesel engine which delivers 168 bhp of maximum power. Apart from this, mileage of Santa Fe is also much better than Fortuner.

Lovesh   2015-01-03

352696Hyundai Santa Fe is a bit longer and wider than the Toyota Fortuner. The fortuner on the other hand is a bit taller than the Santa Fe. Both of them have a seating capacity of 7 people. The engine of Santa Fe is more powerful and is available with 6 speed automatic gearbox, whereas the Fortuner has only 5 speed manual gearbox only. Santa Fe also has better safety features like six air bags compared to 2 airbags found in the Fortuner. Looking at these two vehicles, it appears that Santa Fe is a better featured SUV, but we must also remember that it is also more expensive among the two.

Chirag   2015-01-15

Both Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Fortuner are good looking SUV that rules the Indian roads with their good looks and powerful engines. Though both these vehicles come with loads of capabilities, they still have some differences that distinguish one from the other. While Toyota Fortuner is a bit longer and taller than the Santa Fe, the Hyundai SUV on the other hand is a bit wider. The wheelbase and ground clearance of Fortuner is significantly better than the Santa Fe. Both of these vehicles can seat up to 7 persons comfortably in three rows. The engine of Santa Fe produces more power; however, it generates lower torque than the Fortuner does. Taking all these facts together, Fortuner looks like a better bet.

dev   2015-01-25

I do not fully concur with the above writer that Toyota Fortuner offers better features compared to Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe is powered by a R 2.2 CRDi H-matic diesel engine attached to a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox that has a displacement capacity of 2199cc and produces a power of 194 @ 3800 and a torque of 437 @ 1800. The Toyota Fortuner on the other hand is powered by a 4-cylinder Inline diesel engine attached to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox that produces 169 @ 3600 of power and 343 @ 1400 of torque. The Santa Fe also has better suspension than the one found in Fortuner. So I believe that both these SUVs are evenly matched. While one of them is superior I some respects, the other triumphs it in some other features.

ashu   2015-01-27

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