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How good is the suspension of Hyundai Santa Fe?

By: Arsh on 11 january 2015

6 Answers:

First of all the Hyundai Santa Fe is a premium level SUV vehicle, which is built for doing well in off-road situations. And obviously being an SUV the Hyundai Santa Fe needs a good set of suspension to hold this big piece of iron chunk. Further the off road situations are too harsh for suspensions and hence no compromise could be made in build quality of them. The nature of suspension system of this car are bit on softer sides and hence they makes Hyundai Santa Fe a bumpy ride. The normal city driving is very much pleasure’s in this car as small pitholes are not even felt inside the cabin, further the highway driving is fun as the car remains stable even after 100 kmph speed mark.  Heavy loads for long journeys can easily be kept in this car and it would not affect the ride height that much. This whole suspension system is supporting the powerful engine under the hood, which tries its best to give a stiff competition to all time favorite cars of this segment.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-11

The suspension system of Hyundai Santa Fe has to be strong and effective because Hyundai Santa Fe is the sports utility vehicle with muscular performance and according to me muscular performance only comes from powerful engine and it is obvious that powerful engine is heavy as compared to other engines, so to lift the heavy engine and all passengers Hyundai engineers installed MacPherson Strut Type for front wheel and Multi link Type for the rear wheel to complete the suspension system. If you consider the fact and figures of materials used then you will find that this suspension system is perfect for Hyundai Santa Fe. Overall Hyundai Santa Fe is the powerful and fun loving car to drive on normal roads and off the roads as well and the best part is that the owner of Hyundai Santa Fe should not have to worry about the suspension of Hyundai Santa Fe because this suspension system is designed to provide maximum comfort while driving by observing maximum jerks from the wheels.

Kaanuda   2015-01-29

The new Santa Fe showcases many advancements over its previous versions. A robust suspension system is a must for a heavy built sports utility vehicle like Santa Fe. No doubtedly, this 7-seater offers smooth highway rides even on high speeds but its suspension system lacks somewhere in case extreme bumpy areas and the SUV appears low in height sometimes. The Engineers employed MacPherson Strut Type suspension system at the front wheel and Multi link Type for the rear wheel. The links and shockers connected to the wheels ensure smooth and jerk free motion.

Wakib   2015-02-06

Hyundai Santa Fe is an SUV that has good off road capabilities. To allow the travelers enjoy cross-country ride it is essential that this SUV should come with a good suspension system so that the vehicle can smoothly glide over the unpaved and dirt roads without causing any bumps the passengers. To achieve this goal the company has put in McPherson strut for its front axle, while its rear is fitted with a multi-link type of mechanism. These two suspension mechanisms manage to fulfill the demanding requirements of an off the road vehicle.

Geetesh   2015-02-13

Its suspension system is pretty good, which allows this big SUV excellent handling features. This suspension system consists of McPherson Strut for its its front axle is assembled with a McPherson strut, while its rear is fitted with a multi-link type of mechanism. The high end trim is bestowed with electronic and vehicle stability management function that adds to the driving comfort.

Zaan   2015-06-18

Hyundai Santa Fe is designed to give unparalleled performance and Hyundai has not compromised in its making. The SUV has a tough engine sound safety system with ultimate comfort desired. Hence suspension of the car is also not compromised. There is MacPherson Strut Type suspension system designed for the front wheel and Multi link Type suited well for the rear wheel. It has 6 speed automatic transmission designed for good acceleration and smooth drive.

Devesh   2015-06-25

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