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What is the seating capacity of Hyundai Santa Fe ?

By: Mehram on 16 january 2015

7 Answers:

Hyundai Santa Fe is the powerful and one of the most advanced sports utility vehicle which are out in Indian car market. According to my point of view the interior of Hyundai Santa Fe is so well designed as it only requires experienced eyes to point out the flaws. The material and quality is taken in consideration when it comes to designing the interior of Hyundai Santa Fe. The cabin of this car is intelligently designed in such a way that cabin can house a lots of amazing features in terms of electronic, and the space is perfect to carry 7 passengers easily with decent leg room, head room, elbow room and shoulder room for all. Overall if you are looking for long road trip car then Hyundai Santa Fe is the best choice because of spacious character as mentioned above and comfortable seats which are designed to give efficient support to the back of the passengers and driver.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-16

Hyundai Santa Fe is an SUV designed to provide maximum customer satisfaction and comfort. This SUV is blessed with smart engine which have capabilities to boost the driver shaft when required and to consume only required amount of fuel results in reasonable fuel economy. Hyundai Santa Fe also have good carrying capacity of carrying 7 passengers on its fullest including driver which is good. The best part all 7 passengers can sit easily without struggling with all other passengers. Overall Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect example of perfection.

Parth   2015-01-29

Hyundai Santa Fe is a 7-seater SUV with the flexibility to adjust the overall seating system. The South Korean car maker has kept driver’s comfort at top priority by providing a 10-way auto adjustable driver seat. Not only this, the rear seats can be adjusted making extra boot space for extra luggage. So for a long drive or luggage shifting, the seating arrangement can be reconfigured according to the needs. Also, there is enough leg room, shoulder room and comfortable head rest for every passenger.

Somansh   2015-02-07

It has a spacious internal cabin, which is furnished with premium materials is available in a dual colour tone and has a comfortable seating arrangement that can accommodate seven passengers with ease. It has a large wheelbase of 2700mm, which ensures ample leg space along with head and shoulder room to all the occupants. The seats are wide and comfortable and are covered with leather or fabric upholstery depending upon the trims. The driver's seat can be adjusted in twelve ways, while the rear seats are foldable and comes with proper lumbar support. Its second and third row seats are split foldable, which helps in increasing the boot volume.

Nishikesh   2015-02-14

Hyundai Santa Fe is a spacious SUV that can seat up to 7 people comfortably. The interior of this SUV is spacious and is furnished tastefully. The dashboard gets a dual tone colour. The seats are wide and comfortable. And depending upon the trim, the company has furnished it in either premium quality leather or fabric. It has a wheelbase of 2700mm that allows the riders of this SUV to sit comfortably with adequate legroom for all the riders including the rear ones.

Nishu   2015-02-27

As the writer before me mentions that this wide body SUV is blessed with a spacious interior. The SUV can comfortably seat up to 7 able bodied adults in three rows of seats. The driver seat can be adjusted in 12 different ways with memory function so that he can choose the appropriate position for himself to drive comfortably. All the seats are wide and comfortable to sit. In addition, the company has provided lumbar support for all the riders. The last row is foldable to increase the boot space if and when you so require.

ved   2015-03-02

The all new Hyundai Santa Fe is car crafted keeping in mind the large Indian family with lots of luggage to travel with. This car is comfortable, spacious and luxurious for long road trips on not so well crafted Indian roads. It has a total seating capacity of 7 people. The front row can house two people. The middle tier is enough for seating 3-4 people depending on age and height. The last tier can seat two children since it’s not adequately spacious. You can always have a great time travelling in the car no matter how old you are.

Sharman   2015-06-18

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