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How are the seats of Hyundai Santa Fe?

By: Chirag on 6 may 2015

9 Answers:

Hyundai Santa Fe is the well-known SUV in Indian market for its styling and performance where list of features is like extra marks to the overall profile. The cabin of this SUV is simply huge when it comes to the space factor. To add more comfort the engineer of Hyundai have installed one of the best designed seats in the cabin which provides simply amazing and perfect leg and back support results in tired free driving experience which means we can go on long road trips easily and comfortably.

Tarun   2015-05-06

Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the most luxurious SUV in its segment. The car offers leather upholstery with premium seats.The front driver’s seat is 6 way power adjustable which makes the driver drive as per their comfort level. There is good thigh support offered by this luxury car. There is enough of leg room in the front as well in the rear seats. The front seats has armrests which makes travelling in Santa Fe really comfortable.

yatin   2015-05-26

Hyundai Sante Fe is a very comfortable car when it comes to the quality of seats being offered. The driver’s seat is 6 way power adjustable making Santa Fe truly a driver’s car. The front seat are offered with armrests and rear seat is also 4 way power adjustable which makes passenger at rear seat ride in luxury.Even a 6 feet 5 inches person can sit comfortably at the rear seat with ample of legroom.

Mohmed   2015-06-07

Hyundai Santa FE offers one of the finest seats betweens its rivals like Toyota Fortuner, Honda CR-V, Audi Q3 and BMW X1. The seats are offered with leather upholstery with gives a feeling of premiumness and luxury. The driver’s seat is 6 way power adjustable whereas the rear seat is 4 way adjustable which allows the person to sit in comfort. So travelling in Santa Fe for long trips would be very comfortable. The seats simply provide best space for legs and thigh support.

jayvir   2015-06-09

When it comes to ride quality, Hyundai’s santa Fe shows no disappointment. The  seats proffered are so good that one can easily go on a long trip in a Santa Fe with full comfort and luxury. The driver’s seat is a 6 way power adjustable which allows driver to drive for long hours without any fatigue. To add to the comfort Hyundai has provided the best seats that too with leather upholstery.

Vicky   2015-06-25

The Hyundai Santa Fe gives amazing comfort and seating is made to give good ride quality to its passengers. It is a complete family car where 5 people get sufficient leg space and seating space on front as well as rear. Along with it, the Santa Fe gives ample storage space too with cargo volume of 285 liters. The seats are adjustable and Foldable Rear Seat. The seats have Fabric Upholstery.

Afzal   2015-07-02

The seats of Hyundai Santa Fe are really very comfortable for long journeys. The seats are well cushioned and provide good thigh support. The cabin has a lot of space and provide great leg room as well as headroom . These factors also contribute to the comfortability of the seats. The rear seat is 4 way adjustable, so you can adjust your seat according to your own comfort. All the seats are equipped with seat belts.

Ikraj   2015-07-23

Hyundai Santa Fe is a luxury SUV from Hyundai and it offers great comfortability. The seats of Hyundai Santa Fe comes with leather upholstery which further adds to the premiumness of the car. The driver’s seat is 12 way power adjustable, so you can drive this car according to your comfort zone. The rear seat is 4 way manually adjustable and provide good back and leg support which results in tired free journey.

Parneet   2015-08-06

The all new Hyundai Santa Fe is a car made to celebrate the great craftsmanship of Hyundai. From the interior its super exotic and luxurious to say the least. It may be said that this car is one of the most luxurious cars Hyundai has ever made. The seats are stuffed with a material similar to soft plastic cotton and are covered with all leather interior that is built to last. It is spot free and smudge resistant. Thus the interiors give this car the urban and plush look which is just perfect for young and high end buyers alike.

Manjunath   2015-08-20

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