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What makes Hyundai Santa Fe so special?

By: Zaheer on 1 june 2015

5 Answers:

Engine under the hood of Hyundai Santa Fe is enough to say that this SUV comes with the good performance character. Hyundai Santa Fe can hit maximum speed of 182 km/hr, which is very impressive. After performance parameters this SUV also comes with good comfort factor including climate controller, entrainment center, sunroof and lot more. Hyundai Santa Fe also blessed with best in class safety features like air bags, anti braking system, brake booster, traction control and lot more. According to above-mentioned profile Hyundai Santa Fe is definitely a special car with my point of reference.

Kabeer   2015-06-01

Hyundai Santa Fe is the premium level SUV that a sports enthusiast craves for. The car comes fully loaded with features and along with it brings chock full of safety features for the driver. The car is equipped with six air bags, anti-lock braking system and other features like traction control which gives this car an extra edge over others. The engine also chokes full speed at 182kmph which makes this SUV definitely worth your money.

Jnyaneshwar   2015-06-18

The Santa Fe is the whipped cream of the SUV segment. This premium SUV comes with a hefty price tag but brings along chock full of features and other things, making it the perfect bang for your buck. The Santa Fe is a rugged SUV with a powerful engine which delivers smooth performance. Furthermore, the extra safety features that the Santa Fe is blessed with, makes it an alluring product. 

Aagney   2015-06-18

The Hyundai Santa Fe is an amazing SUV with a hefty price tag. The SUV comes fully loaded with the essential features expected from an SUV but also brings along tons of other safety features for the driver, giving it an additional add–on over other cars in market. The Santa Fe runs smoothly and is easy to swerve even in almost any road conditions, thus, making it a perfect SUV for cruises and long drives.

Abhira   2015-07-29

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a car crafted with joy and all the time in the world .Its really hard to find a flaw in this SUV. It has got quality interiors with ample leg room for the middles seats, a huge boot place it load everything, great handling, great finishing on the body and a well-crafted engine which will run all your life if maintained properly. At 2199 cc displacement with a torque 436Nm @1800 rpm it’s one of the most powerful engines. This car defines elegance, class, style and strength – hard to find in one single car.

Raj   2015-08-06

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