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How many kilometers i can go on Hyundai Santa Fe on full tank?

By: Tiasha on 1 june 2015

9 Answers:

One of the best way to know how many kilometers your car can go on its full tank is to multiply the fuel tank capacity with fuel economy, the resultant of this will give you the approximate figure of kilometers a car can go without refilling. The 2WD variant comes with the fuel tank capacity of 65 litres while the 4WD variant comes with the capacity of 70 litres.The 2WD variant would go around 846kms in full tank, while the 4WD variant could manage to go 911 kilometers approximately.

Nitya   2015-06-01

The full capacity of the fuel tank of Hyundai Santa Fe is 64 liters. On an average, this Hyundai vehicle gives an approximate mileage 10 kilometers per liter within the city and about 13 kilometers per liter in the highway. Thus, when you correlate the full tank capacity of Hyundai Santa Fe and its mileage within the city then you get that a fully filled tank will make you cover about 640 kilometers within the city. Similarly, if you follow the same calculations then you will find that you can travel for 842 kilometers of distance in the highway on an average when your fuel tank remains fully filled up.

Nishant   2015-06-12

The Santa Fe an efficient SUV from Hyundai is not very good on mileage. Being a vehicle of 2.2L engine capacity is not very big in terms of engine power, so peoples were accepting some very goof mileage from it but the vehicle is completely different in terms of mileage. The Santa Fe Diesel I have gives a mileage of 12 KMPL over the highway and 10 KMPL in the city. The vehicle is having fuel tank capacity of 65 liters. On one refill it can go 750 kilometers.

fahid   2015-06-22

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a shame in terms of mileage. An Engine of just 2.2L is so bad on mileage; it’s not good at all. The vehicles of same category give a better average. In cars and SUV diesel engines are tend to be giving a good mileage always on diesel but we can’t say it as a economical vehicle at all. Santa Fe is having a fuel tank of 65 liters which can take you up to 700 kilometers without another refill.

Yash   2015-06-24

I am agreeing with above answers, Santa Fe is really bad in terms of mileage. It has a fuel tank of 64 liters. Once you do a tank full it will run for next 720-730 KM without having a requirement of refueling, but 10-12 km per liter is not a good mileage. At least it should give a mileage of 15-18 KM per liter on average. And 13 KM per liter is just ARAI figure, the reality is quite different, it only gives 8-9 KM per liter with AC running. And over the highways you can expect a mileage of 10-11 KM per liter.

Muheen   2015-06-26

I am agree with you guys, I am kind of thinking to get rid of Santa Fe because of its mileage. Initially I was not thinking much about it but if I am getting the better mileage with some other SUV why should we stick with the Santa Fe. The mileage is not as per expectation, and it only delivers a mileage of 10 KM per liter over the highways, which is not good. Even I am not a rash driver so for me it’s not working any more. I am thinking to buy a new CRETA from Hyundai only.

Irshaan   2015-06-28

I am partially agreed with you as Santa Fe is not having a great mileage but 13 Km per liter is not a big deal to achieve. For me it’s giving me that much. Actually before accessing the mileage of a vehicle you should check your driving habit, location, kind of traffic and load over the SUV. If you are roaming with loaded seats all the time in a speedy environment, the vehicle will never be able to yield a good average.

Ankit   2015-06-30

The number of kilometers a car can travel on a full tank depends on a wide range of factors, including the size of the fuel tank, driving pattern of driver, road traffic and the efficiency of the engine. Considering the fact that, this car has a 65 litres of fuel tank. It gives an average mileage of 10kmpl in the city and 13Kmpl in the highways. Therefore, if we take into consideration, its fuel tank capacity and its average mileage, then we can safely say that it can travel up to 640Km (approx) in the city and 842Km (approx) in the highwayon a full tank.

Kunal   2015-07-02

The Hyundai Santa Fe has a great engine and clutch response. It’s really nice to drive around with this car without any fear of running out of gas The Hyundai Santa Fe has a fuel tank capacity of 64 litres. That means it can hold a lot of fuel in it. The engine is really efficient and economic giving around 12kmpl on the city roads and around 14-15kmpl in the less crowded highways. Judging by the fuel efficiency and a well-crafted engine this car can travel around 650 km without a refill with a capacity of 7 people on board.

Rahul   2015-08-13

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