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I want to get my Verna fitted with remote central locking and parking camera. But the dealer says that warranty will go void if you get it from grey market.

By: Ashish on 1 january 2016

1 Answers:

Wiring harness can be pretty messy to replace and can be expensive too if it anyhow gets damaged due to incorrect installation procedure. Although it's not very easy to mess it up if there are seprate standard thimble connectors and fuses that take care of it. However, the warranty will get void if something goes wrong, so either you can take the help of dealer if you are scared of losing warranty or take it to a good aftermarket accessories provider and make sure to get a highy quality product. It's pretty hard to mess it up unless you give it to a child or someone who has little experience with electricals installation. You would need to take a call. I would suggest you to get the installation from the dealer even if it is little expensive, this would save you the trouble that might come with the unnecessary risk that you might take elsewhere with an accessories shop who would pull back in case something goes wrong.

Manish   2016-01-01

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