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I feel that the fuel consumption display in my Hyundai Verna petrol car is faulty. As soon as I get a full tank, it shows different figures ranging between 6.5 to 9.5, 11, 8.5 etc. Is there an issue?

By: Gaurav on 7 june 2016

1 Answers:

The meter is equipped to display the average fuel consumption of the vehicle. Once you have done a full tank then during the first few hours of driving this reading is bound to change as your fuel consumption rate changes every minute depending whether you are stuck in traffic or driving in the top gear on a highway. The meter calculates fuel used and distance travelled to denote the average distance travelled per litre of fuel. So till the time the first few litres are not consumed, the reading is bound to fluctuate a lot. Hence you need not worry.

Ashish   2016-06-07

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