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What is 3m Engine and under body Coating ?

By: Peeyush Guhe on 20 april 2015

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Hey Peeyush Guhe !!

All the vehicles comes with antirust coating done at the factory. However as undrbody is subjected to sever exposure to dust, moisture etc ie rusting conditions. It would result in faster deterioration of the coating done at factory. Getting antirust coating at dealership would provide additional protection and assures longer life of the components.Its not a compulsory but a choice for the owners for better life of the vehicle. In short, its wort spending 6 to 7K for the same.It would be helpful especially during mansoon seasons where vehicle is exposed to sever rusting conditions.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-23

Actually, the underbody of the car encounters most of the abrasions and frictions. This part of the body withstands most of the climatic hazards too when the roads remain water clogged during monsoons or the thick layers of frost come in direct contact with it. Eventually, this underbody gradually tends to corrode. With time, unnoticed corrosion of the underbody aggravates and makes the internal parts of the vehicle, such as the frame rails and body panels, vulnerable to widespread damages. As can be protected only by means of protective underbody coating, so it is worthwhile to pay some extra and get underbody coating done. There are additional benefits of this treatment too such as heat insulation and protection of the interiors from extreme external temperature, prevention of chipping of the underbody parts, etc. 3M is one of the vendors that provide this service. However, there are other vendors too who provide underbody coating. Nevertheless, their services may subjected to the specific brand of the car and model owned.

Kamal   2015-05-02

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