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I want to fit lpg kit in hundai xcent but how?

By: Ashish Mamodia on 30 april 2015

3 Answers:

Hello Ashish Mamodia..

LPG kit can be fitted to Petrol engine car. As far as Hyundai Xcent is concerned, its stil new in market and fitting a LPG kit to new car would lead to problems in getting the warranty on related faulty parts.If the car is out of warranty then the overall utility has to be considered before going for the kit. In general the life and smoothness of performance of engine would be affected with kit fittment resulting in frequent minor troubles. Best option would be to consider kit fitment if there is excesssive usage like 2,000KM per month or so.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-05-04

According to Manufacturer, fitting the LPG or CNG kit in brand new cars should be avoided as it voids the warranty. Fitting the LGP kit not only increases the maintenance but also deteriorates the engine performance. But still if you travel extensively and want to go for LPG kit than opt for genuine and reputed brand like lovato. Keeping the fact tha proper cleaning of Air Filter and spark plugs should be done at regular intervals.

Aparna   2015-05-09

The Hyundai Xcent is designed in variants of diesel and petrol fuel mode of engines. It has been said that it is not well suited for fitting an LPG option as it can greatly hamper engine performance. If still one is interested they can do it for a petrol engine variant. It needs a high maintenance cost though the fuel economy is greatly increased. It should be properly installed and is suitable for long journeys and rigorous use.

rajkumar   2015-06-09

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