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Is it necessary to drive the car some kilometer daily ?

By: s p janjua on 20 may 2015

4 Answers:

Hello S.P Sanjua..

To keep the car in good condition, it is not required to use it daily. You can use the car occasionally as you wish. However, some tips that you can follow to keep the car is good condition are: Disconnecting the battery if car is not going to be used for very long period, running the engine for about 10 minutes between two or three days or even weekly once, checking tyre pressure regularly, checking interiors and underhood, luggage space etc for rodents and insects. This would help keep the car in usable condition.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-05-22

No, it is not essential to run a car for a few kilometers if you are not using it regularly. However, we suggest that if you are planning to keep it ideal for a few weeks, and then unplug the battery to prevent it draining away. The car should be kept in a safe place and regularly aired otherwise it will smell when you open it for the first time after several weeks. It would also help if you dust it regularly.

anshul   2015-06-01

We don’t recommend you to run the car for few kilometers every day, if you are planning to keep it idle for a few months. However, we suggest that you should take a few steps to keep it in prime condition, so that it starts at once and run smoothly if you decide to drive it after a few months. You should keep it away from rain and strong sunlight, preferably in a garage and not out in the open. The battery should be disconnected and the engine should be revved up every week. You should also check the tyre pressure frequently for they tend to fall with passage of me.

love   2015-06-03

A car runs well depending on how it is maintained. In case of Hyundai Xcent or any other model it is not essential to run it for a few kilometers daily even if it is not being used regularly. However, in case of idle time of cars to avoid wastage and rest mode taking over then the car should be unplugged with the battery. It would not give any hindrance in such a case.

Umer   2015-06-18

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