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Is there any problem with the Xcent, I do not see the car much on road. I am planning to buy, please let me know.

By: mukesh Raut on 8 october 2015

6 Answers:

The Xcent is an okay car just does not sell as much as the class leader Swift Dzire. You can check the sales statistics from the link.

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Shivraj   2015-10-08

I too often wonder the same why this car is not seen on roads as it is an exceptional car with all the features. I totally love the car and this car is best in its class with the lowest price. I wouldn’t trade it for a BMW too if possible.

Ayush Jain   2015-10-23

I guess because people do not believe in the Hyundai company anymore. There are a lot of cheaper and better cars than this out on the road that because Skoda does not do that class work anymore that it used to. The era of Hyundai is slowly dieing now a days.

Gagan Preet   2015-10-26

I think you are living in the wrong city sir. I see a lot of Hyundai Xcent in my locality here every day. I am living in Delhi Maheswaripur area and there is always on of these cars on the street every day I look out of my car window in the traffic

Karan Mansukhani   2015-10-27

The car in all is very good but the problem is its after sales service which is not so very much. The company Hyundai no longer offers premium service that it used to offer back in its days when these cars were very famous and limited in number on the road.

Puneet Uppal   2015-10-29

This car is very good in its performance aspects but however the exterior appearance is not so. Hence I feel people do not buy anymore. Perhaps Hyundai should provide a facelift for it so that it works and sells much better. The engine on this thing is so good and efficient.

Suraj Vashisht   2015-10-30

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