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I wish to install a CNG kit to my new Hyundai Xcent. Will this deteriorate the life of the suspension system? Also, please share information about the Tomsetto CNG kit and comment on whether it is better to use a sequential kit from the market or a kit from a company approved source?

By: Manu on 29 april 2016

1 Answers:

CNG kits are usually heavy and yes they will take up most of your boot space. As far as the life of the suspension system is concerned, there isn’t a very major effect that the kit will have on it. There have been many who have been driving their cars with CNG kits without any complaints regarding the suspension of the car. But then again, a lot depends on how you maintain your car and how you drive.
Now, as far as which kit should you use… The best option is to talk to your authorised dealer. Yes, you can use an authorised dealer or talk to local market as well but always remember that you should get these fittings done from someone experienced. Even if that means you having to run around to find the perfect person, doesn’t matter. Secondly, Tomasetto brand is quite a famous one and is considered to be decently good. An experience mechanic will be able to tell you which brand would suit best for your vehicle. 

Ashwin   2016-04-29

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