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If I fit CNG kit in my Hyundai Xcent, what would be the engine life with it?

By: Shailesh on 4 january 2017

1 Answers:

CNG is actually a better fuel for extending engine’s life as the carbon levels are greatly reduced. But you need to take care of few things:

CNG is basically a compressed gas while petrol is liquid when you drive your car on petrol, the pistons get lubricated but CNG being a dry gas doesn’t lubricate the pistons, so if you want to extend engine’s life using CNG, you would need to change oil on regular intervals

If the car is driven on CNG, it is advised to warm the engine using petrol first so that injectors don’t get chocked up.

It is not advisable to run car on a nearly empty CNG tank as it reduces the pressure and increases the risk valves bursting.

Bilash   2017-01-04

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