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Why my Hyundai Xcent makes noise while turning steering to right?

By: Sanjeev Kaushal on 19 february 2017

1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons for this to happen like:

• CV joint likely gone bad and should be replaced.
• Worn shocks, suspension bushings, ball joints or tie rods.
• Worn brake components.
• Wheel bearing might be going bad.
• Problem in the power steering system, either a lose belt, bad pump or low power steering fluid.
• Ball joints allow control arms and steering knuckles to adjust to movement. They must be well lubricated in order to do their job, but the grease can wear out over time.

So, I can’t say anything for sure without inspecting your car out in person, hence I advise you to take your car to your local Hyundai service center for proper diagnosis and solution.

Sandesh   2017-02-19

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