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Why my Tata Sumo Grande loses power while driving?

By: saish on 2017-16-04

1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons why your Sumo Grande loses power, the common ones are:

• Air filters can get clogged up with debris over the miles, so it’s important to either clean them or replace them when this happens.
• Clogged fuel injectors.
• Worn out fuel pump.
• Worn piston rings.
• Carbon deposits on intake valves.
• Spark plugs can build deposits with time which results in a loss of power.
• Compression-related issues are often a major contributing factor to a loss of power.
• Exhaust restriction can cause reduced airflow and reduced performance.
• Over time the valve train components wear, so it’s important to adjust the valves to compensate for the wear.
• Use of high viscosity oil (Using the correct viscosity oil is important because higher viscosity oils have greater resistance to the moving parts of the engine, and therefore doesn’t offer optimum power)

So, I cannot say anything for sure about the reason for power loss without checking your Sumo Grande out in person, I advise you to take it to your local Tata Motors service center for proper solution.

Pardeep    2017-16-04

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